7 hours agoTampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Desperately seeking an iPod Nano 6th generation for my finacee's bday in Sep. He wants a watch he can change the face on but doesn't need all of the smart watch features.
14-Aug-2018Valrico, FL +7 milesItems Wanted
My dental water pic failed and I really need another if someone has one available. If used, that's ok, I can sanitize. Can pick up.
13-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a dinning table and chairs!
13-Aug-2018Valrico, FL +7 milesItems Wanted
Hello, looking for some white no iron shirts in good condition. Needed for work. Size large or 12/14 Thanks in advance
11-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
As it says, any of those that run would be greatly accepted and appreciated. Thank you and be blessed.
11-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
In need of a mower for my daughter, she just got her permanent residence and rented a small house, but the yard still need to be mowed, and I am not close to the house to take care of that. So, if you have an extra one and don't need it, I'd be very happy to get it, and extremely thankful for your charity!!! Thank you.
10-Aug-2018Valrico, FL +7 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a TV stand. TIA
I gave away two microwaves some time ago, and now mine died... LOL So, if you have one extra, in no need, I'd be happy to get it with great appreciation to you. Thank you. dudemd@hotmail.com 727-282-4554 Michael.
Hello. I m looking for a trellis to borrow or own for my wedding in September.
8-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
I'm moving in the next couple of months and am in search of moving boxes of all sizes and any other packing material. Willing to come pick up anywhere in Tampa.
6-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an adult-sized desk for a new teacher. Needs to fit a laptop, textbooks and papers.
5-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
COMIC BOOKS (before 1975 only), preferably those with "10" - "25" cents on the covers.
4-Aug-2018Valrico, FL +7 milesItems Wanted
Looking for high chair to use when grand kids come to visit.
3-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Thanks for reading this... I have family visiting soon, but haven't had young kids for a while. Need a car seat for a 30lb, 2 yr old. Something safe and secure for the young 'un. Thank you in advance!!!
2-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
I'm a mother of a 24 year old disabled daughter and I'm looking for clothing for her size 5 in pants and shorts and small / medium in shirts. I have very little income so I'm looking for help .
1-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
need moving boxes, thank you!
31-Jul-2018Apollo Beach, FL +8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a good table or computer desk to set up my home office.
30-Jul-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an old toy fiddle, does not have to play or be in good condition.
29-Jul-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Willing to purchase 2 sets of bunkbeds. ASAP Thank you
29-Jul-2018Tampa, FL +10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a bed without spring in matress, due to returning my rented hospital one. (bad spine) I currently, do not have a truck. So, I can offer a little gas incentive. Thanks for reading! Have a splendid day! Paul
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